Sahara International Model United Nations

Between 3 and 7 April, in Agadir, in the heart of Morocco, it held the first edition of the “Sahara Interntional Model United Nation“. It is a simulation of the committees of the United Nations where each student rapesent a Country and discuss about topics of humanitarian rights and civil liberties. The purpose is to learn how the World’s largest Orgnization works, but, more importantly, how it allows students from all over the World to meet and learn from each other. It is Very important to organize such events in developing muslim countries: we can prevent radicalization and hate Just with inclusion, collaboration and development.

My pourpose, here, is convince you that sharing ideas ond opinions is important. SIMUN symbol“Diversity” is not a dirty word, a taboo. Diversity is beauty, is wealth.

Diversity is opportunity to always learn something new.

Here I want to talk you about my experience, because it’s something that changed my life, and I wish everyone could do.

Game out of curiosity, I discovered this event thanks to Convergence: an organizzation that deeply trust in the power of cooperation and that, free of charge, as a volunteer, was responsible to form the italian delegation. Thanks to Convergence, about 90 students coming from Italy (but originating by various countries, mostly africans) met many other people from other delegation coming from other countries, in Morocco. So we all had to Agadir, ready to discuss the future of the World, with our ideas and our energy. It’s been an explosion of information and debates. Continue reading “Sahara International Model United Nations”