Sahara International Model United Nations

Between 3 and 7 April, in Agadir, in the heart of Morocco, it held the first edition of the “Sahara Interntional Model United Nation“. It is a simulation of the committees of the United Nations where each student rapesent a Country and discuss about topics of humanitarian rights and civil liberties. The purpose is to learn how the World’s largest Orgnization works, but, more importantly, how it allows students from all over the World to meet and learn from each other. It is Very important to organize such events in developing muslim countries: we can prevent radicalization and hate Just with inclusion, collaboration and development.

My pourpose, here, is convince you that sharing ideas ond opinions is important. SIMUN symbol“Diversity” is not a dirty word, a taboo. Diversity is beauty, is wealth.

Diversity is opportunity to always learn something new.

Here I want to talk you about my experience, because it’s something that changed my life, and I wish everyone could do.

Game out of curiosity, I discovered this event thanks to Convergence: an organizzation that deeply trust in the power of cooperation and that, free of charge, as a volunteer, was responsible to form the italian delegation. Thanks to Convergence, about 90 students coming from Italy (but originating by various countries, mostly africans) met many other people from other delegation coming from other countries, in Morocco. So we all had to Agadir, ready to discuss the future of the World, with our ideas and our energy. It’s been an explosion of information and debates.

I report here the testimony of two people who most enlightened this Simun:

Zouhair El Youbi

Zouhair El Youbi, President and Founder of Convergence

Q: Zouhair, You are an engineer, why did You decide to dedicate your life to cooperation between peoples?

A: My familly is not active neither in politics nor in religious associations. I grew up in Morocco and when I arrived in Italy I realized that I needed to feel part of a community. After September 11, I realized I had to let the world know another aspect of Islam, the genuine one, the one who hates violence. For these reasons, and with the purpose to help young Arab Muslims in Italy to have an identity, I try to be a bridge between the Arab and Italian culture, with the belief they can coexist peacefully. That’s why I founded Convergence. Our motto is: meeting, knowledge sharing. Only these three elements can help the world to develop in a climate of tolerance, love and acceptance. Minorities, especially those who do not have instruments, must be defended. As I became sensitive to my rights, I feel the duty and the necessity to defend even others. That’s why I feel compelled, as both my means of defending every minority: atheists in religious contexts, Christians in Muslim countries and Muslim in Christians countries. Everyone can do something: meet, learn, share. SIMUN was the embodiment of all that.

Hajji Aissam

Hajji Aissam , Best Delegate UNESCO, SIMUN 2017

Q: When you decide to participate to SIMUN, what did you expect to it?

A: I worked for many international organizations as a volunteer and also a human right advisor. I worked for Amnesty International for one year and Operation Smile International for one year. This year, I choose to join different NGOs experiences, United Nations was the first choice for me, but I started to learn about it before engaging the real work. SahraMUN was the first opportunity for me to learn more about United Nations word and to have a first approach to negotiation and proposing resolutions. That’s why I joined SaharMun.

Q: Why are you an activist for Human Rights and Civil Liberties?

A: Human rights are a crucial part of my life that’s beginning when I was a student in Bachelor degree. I started working on human rights in many NGOs and I found that same people who need our help and need our voice. They cannot go and ask about their need. Here I found that is my goal in life, I can work for others and be a change maker and ask for a better life for those people. Gandhi said ”be the change you wish to see in the world”.

Each of us, according to their resources and their skills, can do something about this society, we should grow together. I dream of a world of equality and mutual respect, let us help to make it happen together!

Meeting, knowledge,sharing!

Next meeting: Agadir, April 2018, for the 2nd Edidion of Sahara International Model United Nation.

Michol Bartucci


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