Peace for Colombia

Colombia is the third most populous country in Latin America. More interesting is the fact that it can be claimed to be the oldest democracy of the continent. A part a four-years dictatorship, Colombia has seen a number of democratic governments switching power from liberals to conservatives to the now standing more centrist coalition of President Juan Manuel Santos. Furthermore, Colombia can be praised for its responsible policies against the wide spread populism which tends to prevail in the politics of Southern America. In fact, until 1995 Colombia has seen a steady growth of 5% a year and avoided cases of hyperinflation unlike its neighbors. What happened in 1995? Or better, what was happening despite these honorable achievements? Continue reading “Peace for Colombia”


The long way for peace in Sudan

Sudan is one of the largest countries in Africa and has a population of almost 28 million. About 60% are Muslim, a 25% are Animist and 15% Christian. The population is made up of more than 300 tribes, mostly Arab in the north and African in the south. As soon as the country was granted independence from the Anglo-Egyptian dominance in 1956, tensions between north and south soon lead to a civil war. The war lasted from 1962 until 1972, when the south was given partial self-governance. This war is known as the first Sudanese civil war. It caused 500,000 deaths, the majority (more than 75%) were civilians. Continue reading “The long way for peace in Sudan”