A4AI: Alliance for Affordable Internet


Have you ever thought about Internet access in terms of privilege, of possibility?

To be honest, I’ve not, not with awareness. So, irony of fate, browsing the pages of some online newspapers, I came across the acronym A4AI, Alliance for Affordable Internet, a kind of Web democratization.

kenya_12-960x6401Bombarded by (for me often a bit mysterious) expressions such as Web 2.0, big data, data analysis, stickiness, syndication and so on and so forth, we could easily ignore that two-thirds of the world population can’t get online. We live in an era in which Internet access can be considered as important as literacy, so the purpose of A4AI project is simple, is to drive down artificially high Internet prices in developing Countries, such as Nigeria, Mozambique and Gahana. By advocating for open, competitive and innovative broadband markets, A4AI aims to help access prices fall to below 5 % of monthly income worldwide. By reaching this goal the A4AI can help connect the two-thirds of the world that is presently not connected to the Internet and make universal access a reality.

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